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What’s is that about?????

Why do we over do it??? Yes overdose on drugs or alcohols can be a KILLER!!! Is it because we want end our life? Or is it because we want to get attention Do we struggle/or and overworked (stressed out!!!) in life??? And /or with too much pressure involved with work or family issues? Or do we just hang out with the wrong types of friends???  Which may cause too much pain that we can’t bear any longer and no one is there to help us out or want to be around us any longer or do we just want to keep it a hidden secret cause we’re to embarrassed to get the help or right treatment that we need??  Nothing to be embarrassed about. Come join me at my forum. You come to the right place. Please join us and Express your stories and feelings or comments!!! Have you over thought of that over dosing on alcohol can be like taking your life away which is the same as suicidal!!! Is that the way to go???

How does it feel after trying to Overdose???
Please let us know the substance abuse that you used.

By Donalisa Santos The Founder And CEO/Administrative of Truheros.com

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