How To’s Questions (Suggestions)

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When registering it’s easy, click on Registration, it will ask you for First Name And Middle Name (If Any), Last, username and email. NO PASSWORD REQUIRED. You will receive an email confirmation, please go ahead and confirm it. You will receive your password with your username in your second email.

When Signing In, Go to Registration hoover or click on the drop down arrow. Then you will see where it says Powerless Login, click on that, enter your email that will send you an email confirmation, then click on that long link, that will resister you in the site automatically. 

When Logging Off,  Go to Registration hoover or click on the drop down arrow. Then you will see where it says Log Off, click on it. Then it will say Log off one more time. Yes you will need to click on Log off. Then you should be logged off.

When deleting your account you, Go to Registration hoover or click on the drop down arrow. Then you will see where it says Delete My Account, click on that Delete My Account, Then you will see that Delete Account again in red Delete Account go ahead and click on it one more time. you will see a White Box with warning says:

WARNING Are you sure you want to Delete user “Name of the User“ from confirm Ok or you can cancel. 

Ounce you click on Ok, your account is now Deleted. 

You can double check if your account is Deleted by going to Edit Your Profile. 

You may re register with that same email address.

Chat room 1: The chat room will automatically delete any message over 30 minutes. Take a screen shot of any text messages or pictures images that you may need before the 30 minutes.  You may log back in. We will look into it.

Shows city and country code next to each user on the list. City and country are obtained from IP address and this may not be successful sometimes

The web site will time out in 40 minutes if there’s no activity happening. You may log back in.

Suggestions to find that specific companies category your looking for you can go to our Index of businesses click on it and it will take to all our different companies categories. 

Forum if you want to be found by your company name, city, state, county and or country and or zip code and any other special condition of your company please add that in the title. That way your company/personal profile account show up when search for one of those criteria that you had implemented in the title.

Forum Search box for businesses  and Individual to be easily found on our forum search. Add in your much as you can such city, country, state, county, Providence, zip code in your title of your Post or Forum.

Ounce you delete your Post in the forum, all your reply messages will also be deleted. You may want to delete the reply messages separately.

Suggestion upload picture profile through Avatar to your forum profile, we have 2 ways you can upload your picture profile, 1st choice Avatar and 2nd choice Gravatar 

For Avatar or Gravatar. You will need to go to forum, ounce you’re in the forum you will Profile on top of the see Edit on Top the Forum Page. Then that will take you to your profile page scroll down a little you will see Edit Profile click on it.Then you will be your dashboard where you can edit your information. Then you will want to scroll down pass Gravatar just a little. Then you will see Avatar. From here you can upload and edit your picture profile. 

You won’t have to login to Gravatar to upload a picture to your profile page although that is the other way you can upload your photo. 

For your Avatar picture profile files you may use this guide line. Maximum upload file size: 2096128KB. Allowed Files: Jpg, jpeg, png, gif 

For uploading files in the chat room you can use jpeg, jpg, gif, png

If you don’t have these files here are some recommendation for you this file converters web sites. Copy this URL link. No you don’t have to download their app to use their conversion. Or you can try to google search for different types of file conversions. Type in free file converter or files converters

For uploading videos and pictures on your forum blogs you can use the same website to convert your videos and pictures, document files. 

We accept these different type of files; Jpg,jpeg,gif,png,bmp,pdf,mov,m4v,3gpp,3pg,mpeg-4 (mp4),mpeg-ts,mpg,wmv,flv 

File size is no more than 40 megabytes.

If you have a video that is bigger than 40 mb you can reduce/compress that files to 50% and more. Here a link to that website and it’s free. No you don’t have to download this site.