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HOW IS AFFECTING YOU, AND YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS??? Coronavirus has literally made lots of people feeling lonely or depressed wether you’re young, middle age or a senior it can affect us mentally and physically. You’re not alone this Pandemic can be devastating around the world. Click here I / we can support you. Then you hear a lots of people dying and aren’t able to visit their love ones in the hospital, that is really sad and depressing. I for one don’t agree on that. We should have the rights to visit our love ones in hospital before they pass away. Share your opinion with us in our forum. If you are struggling through this yourself come join our forum and get advice and share your experience what you had gone through overcome your love who has past away.

If you’re thinking of committing suicidal and or just need someone  to talk to, we can be here to support you. Check us out in our forum click on this link.

Or if you live alone and have no one to talk too, and feeling lonely come join us and support one another, no matter what age your are, this lock down can be depressing. We can support one another in our forum through this Pandemic episode. Come and join us and experience the greatness in others on how they can have conquered the lockdown and what they did to stay safe and healthy.

Or if you are experience bad times financially And can’t pay your rent or mortgage find out from others expert advice. You can think of re finance your home, since. mortgage is at a low time rate period. Check out those great home loan companies by clicking on this link. And if feel lots of burden get support by our caring members where we can support one another!

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