Why do people and/or ourselves get depressed?? What type personality in people that targeted at getting most likely depressed??? If you’re depressed come join me/us on my Forum.

Why do people and/or ourselves get suicidal??? What type of personality in a person is most likely to get depressed???

How can we keep up that hope to overcome our depression and/or overcome suicidal threat within ourselves???

What or Who has made you feel depressed???

Have you thought about committing suicide??? You may want to think again. THERE’S HOPE FOR YOU! Check my forum out!

Have you or know of anyone who has survived a suicidal attempts?

And how many times have you tried to commit suicide? and why? 

If you still around to and haven’t died yet there may be a reason why your on this earth and do you have a speculation on why you may still be alive, please let us know. 

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