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Does anyone know what Autism really is? Or do you have a love who is facing any handicap mentally or physically. We can support one another!

I know they are classified of different types of Autism. What is really considered to be autistic? It seems like everyone who has mental issues who can’t read or write or talk who had delay is considered Autistic. What are the different type of behavior does some of the autistic children may show example: flapping hands, repeating words screaming etc. We should warn people about these loving kids or adults who have autistic traits and most times they can’t defend themselves. We need to protect these autistic children’s/adults since they lack communication and can’t express themselves. JOIN US and let your voice be heard.

I for one have an autistic child who is classified 3 and I still love him no matter what issues that I may be fighting for his justice for freedom. They have the rights to enjoy life like anybody else or any other handicap children have the rights to go out with their love one and not be disturbed. CLICK HERE and let your voice be heard and help yourself and any other handicap children. And add in the different types of handicap children that your facing. I take on Awesome Pride in my action and able to express and show what’s autistic is about. We shouldn’t judge or condemn these lovely human being but to embrace their beauty in whom they are and who they can be.

I want to bring Awareness to those police officer in the past who had handcuff those autistic kids in the past cause they were acting different like flapping their arms and hand and they have the rights talk loud.  Let me remind you: Freedom Of Speech. Especially if they are handicap they have the rights to behave the way that they do. If I am wrong please hold your silence and think about it. And we accept any comments or opinion of your if you want to learn and grow more about these autistic . “WE NEED TO RESPECT THESE FINE GORGEOUS CHILDREN GIFT FROM GOD!

For those caring for these children who has autistic. Congratulation for doing a great job. If your abusing them please report it. Or if you know of anyone who is abusing these special kids please report it to someone you can trust or social welfare.

Either case please don’t harm these kid if your a police offer or any one who may find them out public, take good care of them, cause they mean no harm. Get them to the nearest hospital or back to their homes or somewhere safe. Talk slow and gentle with them. They mean no harm and reward yourself. :} :} :} JOIN US NOW.

By Donalisa Santos The Founder And CEO/Administrative of

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