About The Founder/CEO Donalisa Santos

I have been blessed with Spiritually Gifted, One of them I can say that I am full of  Awesome Spiritural knowledge and wisdom and know my common sense from my Father in Heaven. I BELIEVE IN LIVING YOUR LIFE TO YOUR HIGHEST AND TO YOUR FULLEST POTENTIALS THAT YOU CAN IMAGE. I have over come many obstacles in my life time from my younger years to my adult life and up to now, For example I didn’t have much of any growing up. And grew up on my own, without mom and dad being there for me at all. I have been through Physically, Mentally, Sexually Abused, And Bullied as well as my daughter. This is why I have created this website with LOTS OF HELP FROM MY AWESOME FATHER IN HEAVEN. I have felt the need in my heart to truly to give back and help those who are least fortunate and who deserves a second, third or fourth etc. chance in life. I LOVE AND ENJOY TAKING A STAND FOR MANY AWESOME CHILDREN’S AND ADULTS AROUND THE GLOBE! What a better way to feel the joy and reward in your heart in helping others through out this website THAT WILL REACH TONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. I invite you to come and join me and Feel the AWESOMENESS in making a Difference!

I can help you and be your Spiritual counselor, coach, advocate, mentor, motivator most of all your friend for you or your love ones throughout TRUHEROS.COM WEBSITE.


This web site is also to help your company grow and expand through our free advertisement on our forum Page. And to help other in our forum as well from Mentally and Physically issues as well as our daily life issues that we have struggles with, or have fun finding new career see who hiring and be noticed in our entertainment industries as well as our sports industries. and many more come and check it out. and you can start to create your own blog and help others and learn from others. 

What a better way to make a friend and add them on your friends list today and follow your friends see what they are up to by adding pictures. And share something Awesome by Posting something Happy, Motivational Statements to inspire other around the world and feel Greatness about yourself. Chat with your friends and or family in your personal chat room. Or invite with any of the business associates or your next employer to the forum. Start socializing by forming New Groups in our different categories and have fund and start meeting up with others members. You will find lots of categories and sub categories on the Index Page to help you navigate through our forum.