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Do we get attacked sexual not wanting it??? And when does it or will it STOP???But It Does Happen! Remember YOUR NOT ALONE AND IT NOT YOUR FAULT YOUR GORGEOUS !!! Click here if you have a story to tell to heal your wound as well as others. Please share and set yourself free. Get it out of your mind, heart and soul. If you want to heal come join us at our forum category Why Be Depressed And Let Others Bring You Down. Let yourself heal as well as others. Yes this has happened to me and I heard of other Gorgeous children’s, teenagers, whether your a female or male it doesn’t matter it happens to all the genders.Why does this happen to us and many people we don’t even know of??? And  who might just bottling it inside their thoughts and spirit and that’s not right? I believe we should get out in the open to heal those wounds.  No one needs to be a shame of what we children’s, young teens, and  ladies or men went through sexually assault or misconduct that we sometimes happen to be at the wrong place and wrong time, and had to experience life getting sexually attacked. Maybe there’s a reason for us getting attacked sexually. If you would like to heal and share and help those who gotten sexually or would like to warn other how to avoid being sexually attacked or help those overcome and be stronger after getting attack. If you need a piece of advice come and get support on how to overcome your sexual assaults. As for me is to help other out there especially children’s who doesn’t know any better what’s going on meaning why they are getting sexually attacked mentally and/or physically. Let me share you some of my horrifying stories. I am proud of what I am able to write about and share about my experiences of sexual assaults. It wasn’t easy growing up being sexually assaulted most of my life.From growing up when I was 9 years old, my brother would try to experiment sexual misconduct behaviors on me when I would come home from school, nobody know. I didn’t tell no one. Why? I don’t know any better to tell anyone! Since I grow up on my own mom worked and dad didn’t care for us! Now I think of it, I should of told someone like a friend, if I told my mom she probably wouldn’t believe me or ignore me since she was the old fashion parent who never heard of this like myself. Who else we trust to tell? Any advice??? Now I think about it they have a hotline for sexual abuse someone you can speak to privately, or a teacher you can trust usually they are trustable or how about a best friend. Get the help that you need now for many of you fine children’s, young teen and ladies/men before it’s eats inside of your heart and stresses you out! which leads to Depression and depression leads suicide! IS SUICIDE WORTH IT? I KNOW FOR SURE SUICIDE IS NOT WORTH IT! AND THERE’S HOPE FOR YOU AND EVERYONE WHO’S GOING THROUGH DEPRESSION AND FEELING LEFT ALONE!!! And feeling like you can’t speak to anyone about the sexual assault you have been through. Come and join me and our members at our forum. Where here to listen and motivate inspire how you can move forward this negative issues you have been facing,

I have been through it. I was 151/2 or 16 years old. When I started working for an alarm company the owner was a black person that 3 rd day working there he pulled his pants down and showed me his penis and asked me to perform a head job for $25.00 they I do it??? Answer to that is No! I just left, and never return back to work. I felt that was the right thing to do. We ladies have to feel our positive instincts.  It’s not about the money or feeling needy of someone wanting me. I just know it wasn’t right!

Yes I had other issues where my ex husband try to make physically and mentally sexual harass me repeatedly for 5 years. He would try to have sex with me when I was asleep. And he would always try to make me go out and have sex with other ladies and/or guys while we were married. I went with my inner instinct. I didn’t go out with other guys or any ladies to have sex with anyone since we are married or to full fill his fantasy!!! I still wouldn’t go out for one night stand or have threesomes and more. To be honest he still tries to sexual touch me up to now. I know it’s hard to speak up. Cause we don’t want any issues with our past l’ve ones especially if we still need to share custody of our children’s. I have been speaking up to him regards to this and he has stopped. Hoping he won’t continue. Prayer helps but your going to need more like speaking up or going a different approach to have that person stop sexually molesting you. SEXUAL ASSAULTS IS NOT RIGHT AT ALL!!! We need to stop it. That goes for you who are sexually assaulting other. Please understand our feelings that we don’t like it or appreciate it. That is the devil attacking you and others. Does it make you feel good about yourself??? Why??? If not you can stop it now. No it’s not hard to stop sexually assaulting others. It’s another addiction that you/we face in life!!! 

Yes, I had my offer of hosting in a gentlemen club without my decision, that person who called me out of the blues on my cell phone promised me the world. He would give me allowence to buy weekly sexy clothes and plus the pay for working there was $75 hour.  I tell you that was hard to refuse. He kept me on the phone for a long time trying to convince me to work for him. I had to go with my inner heart feeling. (gut feeling).

Yes I had a guy who has grabbed my behind at the gym, I just simple walked away and stay away from him. I didn’t want to cause any commission there. I should of said something at the beginning. That’s Ok to me, which I sometimes feel that I should of said something to him at that time cause he kept on sexually harassing me to go out with him. Then I finally spoken up the third time and said “STOP HARASSING ME’.

When is enough enough for us to take a stand? Cause some guys will never stop sexually harassing us ladies. How should we approach these sexual misconducts??? What should we say to these guys and when?

I know it’s easier said than done for lots of you fine children’s, tennagers and ladies out there who are getting sexually harassed especially at home or at work. First we don’t want to lose our job or ruin our family? Second and third etc. you can fill in that blank with your own stories.

Yes it’s something I/we have to live with for the rest of my life. Yes it’s a big deal and it’s not fun! It’s easier to repress on that thought of what happened to us, cause lots of us are scared to tell someone. Why? Cause they may judge us or not believe us.  I still believe in getting that help that we need to overcome that negative thoughts that haunts us when the devil attacks us with our past. May I repeat myself; “IT’S NOT OUR FAULT YOUR BEAUTIFUL”!!!!

Let’s come together and help one another. If you know of any prevention on these sexual misconduct please let us know. You can also comment and share your stories. If you got sexually assaulted or any sexual misconduct don’t be scared to share your stories you will first feel Awkward then feel better.  And if you or someone you know who was a sexual assaulter and has stopped sexual assaulting others please let us know how they overcome it. What type of treatment did seek and how does it help??? Or if you know of any treatment and you didn’t get sexually harassed or assaulted please share your knowledge of any treatment to overcome these issues.

By Donalisa Santos The Founder And CEO/Administrative of

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